Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Thank You Everyone From Everywhere

We want to thank everyone who joined us on our 24Hr World Tour.  We talked with scientists, students, teachers, business people, relatives, celebrities, museums, parks, and friends from all over the world.  What great memories we made as we had cultural exchanges on each continent.  It was tiring as we worked hard throughout the night.  It's interesting to see students show up for school the next morning as we worked through the night.  Conversations were great, food was good, ping pong and other games were fun!  Everyone had their own favorite part of the tour.  Thanks again everyone!!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Alaska Sea Life Center, Seward

          It is 2PM and as one of our final Skypes of the Briarhill 24 Hour World Tour, we will be visiting the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska! This park is about 4000 miles from Dallas, and during summer, the warmest it will get is about 75 degrees. Their main goal is to teach everybody about Alaska's sea life. We learned that Alaska is twice the size of Texas!
           Pilot, a sea lion, is 9 years old is already more than 1 thousand pounds, but is still going to grow 1000 more pounds! They also have multiple birds like puffins. These birds are incredible swimmers that paddle with their wings and feet, and some can dive up to 200-300 feet deep! Some of their fish can live to be 100 years old! One of the coolest animals they showed us were the king crabs, and they got that name because they are 2 feet wide. The crabs that they have are like scavengers because they are always digging in the gravel. Big Mouthed Sculpins live there as well. They appear as big rocks and sit so still that algae can grow on them. They have mouths as wide as there whole face and sit and wait for prey to come right in front of them. Below is one of the Giant Pacific Octopi named Gilligan that stays on the wall right there. She has a few thousand eggs, and once those eggs all hatch she dies. She has been in the same place for 8 months waiting for her eggs to hatch.
This is Gillgan the octopus

The man that we spoke to said that his favorite animal was the Giant Pacific Octopus.
We told him that we got no snow, and that right now it is 60 degrees. We also told him that we like to play team sports here outside. We also explained to him that we don't really get to the beach much because it is 5 hours away.
We got to see so many animals, like one of the sea lions, and it was so much fun to learn all about them!
-Jade and Isabel

Ford's Theater

          Right now it is 12PM and we are Skyping with Alice from Ford's Theater in Washington D.C. She is across the street virtually showing us the theater.
          Ford's Theater was originally purchased by the Ford Brothers and turned into the Ford Theater in 1863. On April 9, 1865 the Civil War ended with Robert E. Lee surrendering. People celebrated the end of the war at the White House. President Abraham Lincoln spoke about granting voting rights to African Americans who fought for the Union in the war.  John Wilkes Booth, a strong patriot, was in the crowd and did not like what President Lincoln was saying. On April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth heard about President Lincoln and his wife coming to see the play Our American Cousin. The theater was decorated for the president and prepared for his arrival. On that night, there were almost 2,000 people. Before the show John Wilkes Booth had prepared a plan to assassinate President Lincoln, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State. When the president arrived late, the show was stopped for him and his wife, Mary, and they were applauded. At about 10PM, Booth came into the theater, crossed the balcony, and went into the presidential box. It didn't all go according to plan, because the Secretary of State was only injured, and the Vice President was not injured at all. He fired a shot into the back of Lincoln's head and Lincoln immediately went unconscious. A friend of President Lincoln's, and Major in the Army, attempted to help. He ran into the presidential box, which was when Booth pulled a knife on him and stabbed the Major from his elbow to shoulder.  Booth jumped from the box, exited the theater, and jumped on his horse in the alley and galloped away. After it was determined that President Lincoln would not live, he was carried across the street to the Peterson Boarding House, where he died the next morning. Lincoln's body was taken home to Illinois where a big funeral was held for him.
          The whole city was in mourning, and a reward had been put out for Booth. Over the course of 12 days, Booth traveled all the way down to Maryland. He was eventually found and refused to surrender, causing the soldiers to shoot him. His last words were, "Tell my mother I died for my country."
          After the assassination, the theater was closed to the public, and soldiers were put outside of it to stop the public from entering. The Ford brothers tried to re-open the theater with a show, but no one wanted to come see a show in the theater where President Lincoln was assassinated. The Ford brothers ended up selling the theater to the government, who gutted it and later turned it into an Army medical museum and an office space. Later on, the building collapsed killing 22 people.  The government gutted the building again and turned it back into a museum and an office building. The theater was reopened 103 years after the assassination of President Lincoln. The museum has been re-done several times in an attempt to return it to its original look all while making the theater a place where people can come see plays and learn its story.
This is a famous illustration of when Booth goes into the presidential room and shoots Lincoln. The Major is running in on the left. 
The photo on the left is a crime scene photo, and the one on the right is the presidential box right now.
This is Ford's Theater today.
          Today Ford's has a museum underneath the theater and it is also a working theater. They now do all sorts of plays, such as musicals, history plays, and others. President Lincoln loved the theater and this is their way of celebrating him. On the 150th anniversary of the assassination, 10th street, the street that Ford's Theater is on, was full of people to remember Lincoln. Going to Ford's is a self-guided tour, but through the education department they like to give you a tour. The museum holds tons of artifacts, such as the gun John Wilkes Booth used to shoot Lincoln (pictured below), the boot that Booth wore when he broke his leg, and the doctors tools from when Lincoln was shot.
We learned so so much about Ford's past, how it became the theater it is today, and what you will see if you visit it!

International Spy Mueseum

We are Skyping Lucy from the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. She is going to see if we have what it takes to be a spy. She is going to put a normal picture on screen and we are going to try and find five things that look suspicious in the image.

We found that people could be conducting a "brush pass', a guy leaning forward by a tree, someone in the window, someone could be eavesdropping, and someone could be conducting surveillance.

 We are now getting to look at spy gadgets and guess what they are used for. This is a spy watch that can be used to take photos or videos in secret.
In the photo above there is a gun disguised as lipstick.

She also says they are a medium sized museum and get a few thousand visitors per day. They have exhibits, interactive activities, scavenger hunts, birthday parties, overnights, and even spy camps! There are three exhibits at the museum right now, and her favorite is a section of the James Bond exhibit called "My Bond Moment". This is where real spies talk about their experiences. She has worked there for five and a half years, and says if you want a job like her we would need to go to college, get good grades, and like working with kids!

--Makayla, Varshini, Lexi

Mystery Skype 4

     It is currently 11:00AM and we are doing another mystery Skype. We will be asking Ms. Peyrot and Mrs. Gilbreath yes or no questions about their location and we will be timed on how fast we guess it. Turns out, they were on the roof of Briarhill Middle School. They said it is very windy and cold up there. They are on the lookout for Mr. Bleemel's tennis ball. They were very kind to show us the air conditioner. -Rylie and Molly

Mystery Skype 3

Christian GC is going to be giving us clues so that we can find his location. All we know is that he is in a major city somewhere....We find out early on that he is not in the northern hemisphere. He is also south of America. We find out later that his country is near an ocean but not an island. He later reveals that he is in the western part of South America. By asking him about the countries he's near in we find out he's in the capital of Peru, Lima. When questioned more we find out that the American embassy is right behind him (which is why we see an American flag in the background).
He says that if we ever visit Peru that we have to visit the Inca museums and remains. He says there are also a lot of cool old cathedrals and Churches. 

Niagara Falls

We are Skyping with someone from Niagara Falls. The falls are snowy and cold. Some of the water is frozen, but some of it is running. There are two parts to Niagara Falls. there is the Canadian side, and the American; There is a total of 3 waterfalls, The American Falls, the Horseshoe Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.The falls are located in Niagara Falls National Park, which was established in 1885.

We were able to see the falls, but couldn't hear our speaker. Unfortunately due to these technical difficulties we had to end our call short. We are excited to share our research with you.

-BMS Student