Monday, October 7, 2019

Many Thanks!!!!!!

Thank you everyone from everywhere for supporting us on this year's tour.  It was another adventure that we will not forget.  See you in 2020!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Cayman Turtle Center

          Right now we are Skyping with Cayman turtle Center. They are starting a presentation about sea turtles.  Sea turtles are found in all of the oceans of the tropics. Most if them roam for hundreds of miles, returning to the beach to lay their eggs. Some of the top threats of the sea turtles are diseases, over harvesting of turtles and eggs. There are 7 species of the sea turtle. The Cayman islands are home to 4 of those species. Sea turtles become adults 20-30 years after being hatch, kinda like us. A lot of humans in the Cayman Islands are turtle hunters, they breed them and keep them in breeding ponds and nesting beach facility. Female sea turtles lay their eggs at night, she will dig a hole 2-3 feet deep. The sea turtle lays about 60-120 eggs and they are soft slimy golf ball sized egg.

New Jersey

11:20- We are talking with someone at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Fort Dix is a training base. He has been stationed in many places, including Fort Knox, and Iraq. He's flown many military aircrafts too. He says he joined the army because he wanted to be able to have a job of his choice, and not be stuck with a job he didn't want.

Dearborn, Michigan

      We have been skyping with Detroit, Michigan, with a couple of students. They are so sweet to us. We figure our similarities and differences between the states.

                                                   -What was your favorite calls?
                      -They ask us where they should travel to when they do their World Tour?
                                       -They also ask us if we have ever seen snow?
                                         -We ask them how often they get snow?
                                              -They ask what is hot for us?
                                           -We ask them what hot is for them?

We took a funny picture with them!!

                                                  -Graceland, Taiwan, Washington D.C.
                                                        -We tell them Australia
                           -We say yes, we have seen snow but light snow not as much as theirs
                                                          -They say all the time
                                                          -We say 112 degrees
                                                        -They say 90 degrees

Dallas, Texas - News Anchor

     The time is 10:20 and we are talking to a news anchor at Fox 4 Good Day. She claims that her favorite interviews are the ones that are small and personal because those are the ones that make a difference. She is informing us on the amount of people it takes to do everything at the news station, even just to write a script. She is also showing us the green screen and telling us that we should NEVER wear green on set. 
     The cameras at their station are little robots. She did a story on one of our former classmates a few years ago and heard that he loved  the world tour. Then, we reached out to her and she agreed to do this with us and film some of us. She has been a news anchor in all sorts of places like Albuquerque.  They use a prompter so they don't have to memorize all of her lines. It is controlled by a pedal with which the anchors can push it and it moves at that speed, like it would whilst driving a car. 
     A couple hundred people work in her station alone, including sales. She claims the hardest part of being a news anchor is the sleep because there is a lack of sleep.  This is because there are always stories in the making and she has to be there to cover quite a few of them. Thank you Lauren Przybyl, 

Smithsonian Museum- insect zoo

9:00- Right now we are taking to people at the Smithsonian museum about their insect zoo. They showed us: 

  • butterflies freshly emerged from their cocoons
  • bugs that camoflage with leaves
  • walking stick insects
  • butterfly cocoons from costa rica
  • big aracnids
  • tarantulas 
  • the insect zoo's lab (where they take care of the insects)
  •  a very bright beetle
  • ant farms (including a closeup of the queen ant)


mystery skype

Now we are going to do a mystery skype with someone.

Clues/ Questions 
  • Are you in the southern hemisphere, No
  • Are you in north Amarica, no
  • Are you in the upper part of Africa, no
  • Are you in Europe, yes
  • Are in a big country, yes
  • Are you in Spain, yes
  • Are you in Portugal Spain or northern, no
  • Are by a big body of water, yes
  • Are you in east Spain, yes
  • Are you north of valensino, no
  • Are you in mofria, no
  • Are you in alicante, yes
We found out he is in alicante Spain doing a college around the world activity and he enjoys it there but  his home is in Arkansas.