Friday, March 4, 2016



How do you get your food when your in Cameroon?
They go shopping at a variety of stores. The bulk comes from a huge market. Instead of grocery carts they hire men to carry your items and they might wheel barrels. They drive 12 hours to get frozen/refrigerated foods. They also have stands on the streets and fish from lakes.

It is March 4th and 7pm
Here it is March 4th 12:00pm

9 students in the school
3 girls rooms in dormitory
3 guys rooms in dormitory

Technology in Classroom
Projectors, Internet, Computers, Screens

CAR= Central African Republic

What are the students favorite classes/things?
P.E., Drama, English teachers, Science Teachers, and Bible Teachers

International School
Variety of cultures

Most common dish?
Favorite dish
GBudu Greens mixed with peanut oil and meat.

Native Language
Cameroon: French and English main
CAR: HUGE Variety

Unfortunately, we could not connect to see her face so we used audio! Great experience. Thank you!!

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