Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mountain View, California

Mountain View, California

Q: How did you get into Google?
A: "I was an intern here last summer." 

Q: What are your jobs at Google?
A: "We work a lot in IT. " 

Q: What inspired you to work for Google?
A: It was the number 1 company to work for for the 5th year in a row. We have a self driving car. 

Q: When did you decide to work at for Google?
A: "I wanted to be an architect then work in finance after I took many classes then found out about Google and wanted to do something with technology."

It was so cool getting to watch Alexandra tell us about her experience working with Google.  She told us so many cool things like what technology you get to work with. For example, Atlas, a humanlike robot and a self driving car. Alexandra told us they get to work with Apple computers and Chrome books that are made by Google. Google lets them go to another country for 3 months.

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