Thursday, March 3, 2016

Skyping Brazil

Here we go on Skype number two of the day!! We are currently skyping Lagoa Santa, Brazil!!! The first subject we discussed is he is an teacher English. He teaches English as a foreign language to Brazilians. At the moment they are in night school at 8:06 PM. The time difference is 3 hours ahead of us. He has a student that is 68 years old!!! They go to school 5days a week but two days out of the week they go to a separate school to learn English. They currently are in summer but are transitioning to fall. For them it is hot and cloudy and it typically rains at the end of the day/night time.  They speak Portuguese; a student even spoke to us in Portuguese!!! There are many mosquitoes in their region, so there are many diseases passed around. In Brazil they do not get very much snow, if any. They are very excited to have the Olympics hosted in their country. The kids in his class play basketball, baseball is not common, volleyball, dodge ball, and soccer also known as football. The kids' favorite foods are pizza (surprisingly), but there are different ingredients. There are many kinds of dessert the kids enjoy having. We hope you enjoyed our skypaothon
blogging, and please keep up with each skype!!! ;)

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