Friday, March 9, 2018

Alaska Sea Life Center, Seward

          It is 2PM and as one of our final Skypes of the Briarhill 24 Hour World Tour, we will be visiting the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska! This park is about 4000 miles from Dallas, and during summer, the warmest it will get is about 75 degrees. Their main goal is to teach everybody about Alaska's sea life. We learned that Alaska is twice the size of Texas!
           Pilot, a sea lion, is 9 years old is already more than 1 thousand pounds, but is still going to grow 1000 more pounds! They also have multiple birds like puffins. These birds are incredible swimmers that paddle with their wings and feet, and some can dive up to 200-300 feet deep! Some of their fish can live to be 100 years old! One of the coolest animals they showed us were the king crabs, and they got that name because they are 2 feet wide. The crabs that they have are like scavengers because they are always digging in the gravel. Big Mouthed Sculpins live there as well. They appear as big rocks and sit so still that algae can grow on them. They have mouths as wide as there whole face and sit and wait for prey to come right in front of them. Below is one of the Giant Pacific Octopi named Gilligan that stays on the wall right there. She has a few thousand eggs, and once those eggs all hatch she dies. She has been in the same place for 8 months waiting for her eggs to hatch.
This is Gillgan the octopus

The man that we spoke to said that his favorite animal was the Giant Pacific Octopus.
We told him that we got no snow, and that right now it is 60 degrees. We also told him that we like to play team sports here outside. We also explained to him that we don't really get to the beach much because it is 5 hours away.
We got to see so many animals, like one of the sea lions, and it was so much fun to learn all about them!
-Jade and Isabel


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