Friday, March 9, 2018


       Talking to Amy from a Scotland zoo is wild! At the zoo, she told us about penguins and the different types they have at the zoo. They have more than 20 types penguins! They are able to keep them outside because of how cold it gets in Scotland and it doesn't get very hot during the summer. They also have different name for their penguins like a King penguin named Sir Neil Zolaf. When we were talking to her it was 2:05PM there. They have more than 100 types of animals at the zoo, and the zoo is a charity for the research and conservation of endangered species. One project they are doing is to protect animals from plastic in the ocean. The most common plastic is the plastic that holds bottles of soda or cans of soda together.

    Today, they are actually doing a penguin march where they let the penguins out of their habitat and they wander from one side to another right in front of the public! Lets make sure to protect the animals and learn about the world.  By: Molly, Isabel
                                           Amy talking to us at the zoo in Scotland!

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