Friday, March 4, 2016

Chennai, India

It's 2:00am and we are talking with Chennai, India.  We asked them about restaurants and they said that they had KFC and Mcdonalds and things like that. The adults there wear robes but the kids wear close like us. They have a Monsoon season and it is typically always hot and humid. It was ninety degrees there. The have typhoons and hurricanes too. he's asking questions about us now . He's asking about our temperature and tie.

Chennai, India is like the Detroit of India.  They have a big automobile industry there. 

They have a lot of malls  and school wise they're curriculum is a lot like us. Most people there are Hindu but there is a lot of religions there too. They have a lot of snakes and there was once a snake in his school. Some people are very rich but others are poor. They like animals so there are a lot of animal reserves.

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