Friday, March 4, 2016

Trolle, Antarctica/2:45am

     We began our next Skype bright and early at 2:45 am! We skyped a man named Kim in Antarctica! His job was to make sure that the satellites were working and that everyone could communicate well. The pictures for Antarctica on google earth are downloaded from them! It is 8:45 am there. The men were transported to Trolle by a plane. They get their food by a supply boat, and it comes once a year! There are 28 people on Kim's crew. In a couple of weeks, only 6 people will be left to take care of the electronics. The climate is VERY cold, and sometimes windy. It was 14 degrees fahrenheit today, but Kim has felt temperatures of under -7 degrees fahrenheit! Sadly, Kim has not seen any penguins, but he has seen many birds. Thank you Kim for skyping with us!

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