Thursday, March 8, 2018

Antarctica Ice Cube

   We are Skyping with the Ice Cube South Pole Observatory in Antarctica.  We are Skyping with the five other LISD schools in addition to Ice Cube, that are also doing the 2018 24 hour world tour. We are Skyping with Raffaela and Johannes. At Ice Cube they study the universe and look for tiny particles called neutrinos. They use multiple types of light, x-ray, optical, infrared. Ice Cube is 2450 meters deep, it is the size of a normal building and uses 5000 optical sensors. Ice Cube has 15 countries participating in the program.
    Antarctica is very barren with a flat top, and  no hills or grass at all. To keep warm they have a very heavy jacket, boots, gloves, beanies, heavy socks, etc.. Even though they are on a barren Continent they can still exercises inside and outside, play games, and have fun. They hang out in the green house and the mess hall.
The sunset started last week and it still has about two weeks left. Most the food that they have is canned, besides the ice cream which they have a lot of. Before the crew goes to the Ice Cube they have to do a physical examination where they make sure they are fit enough to go there. They are 22 hours ahead of us meaning that it is 2:30 pm on March 9th and the temperature is a wind chill of -100 degrees Fahrenheit and it is actually -65 degrees Fahrenheit.
   Even though Antarctica is under American rules, there is the Antarctica Treaty saying that Antarctica can not be claimed as a state or territory for any country therefore it is an independent piece of land.
   Right know there are 40 people in Antarctica, which is almost how many people are doing the 2018 24 hour world tour! We learned so much about the Ice Cube from this Skype and it was really fun to talk to people that live so far away from us in very different living conditions.
-Kennedy, Reagan, Parker

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