Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fries With Gravy? - Sydney, Australia

    We are talking with Sydney, Australia. Reece and Ms. Weesner are at McDonald's, showing some 10-12 year olds the menu, and the playplace! They have fries with gravy, but most of the menu is the same as ours. Their BigMac costs $12 and ours is only $5.99! Ms.Peyrot and Lexi are at the shops of Highland Village showing them the movie theater, AMC, the bookstore, Barnes & Noble. When we told them about Ben and Jerry's they got excited, apparently they love ice-cream! Black Panther is showing at our movie theater, it's also very popular in Australia! The kids loved the shops of Highland Village, and got very excited when we showed them the places they have in Australia too! They have a breakfast burger at their McDonalds. It is called the Big Brekkie Burger. They told us that to them it sounds like we have accents, and we told them the same.

Some fun Australian slang is that they call sausage snags. It is currently 1:23 on Friday for them, so to us, they are in the future, because it is only 8:24 on Thursday. We asked what we should go see if we were to visit Australia and they told us to go to the Sydney Oprah House.

They have to wear uniforms to school, and Ed Sheeran is popular there, too. Some of them have been to the US before. They said that they liked it. They do many of the same extra curricular activities as we do.  Their school has a choir, they play cricket, and baseball.

They get a Christmas break, 7.5 weeks!!!! They get to school the same way we do, but a few kids ride trains. Their school day is only 6 hours. - Tristen, Riley, Madi

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