Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kauhsiung, Taiwan

It is 12:20AM and we are Skyping with Taiwan. They have different groups of people to Skype with us. We are going to compare our snacks and candies.
In Taiwan they like Hi Chew. Hi Chew has lots of flavors and it is a Japanese company. They have things called Pea Crackers as well. They have never heard of the peep marshmallows. They have McDonalds there, but no Chick-Fil-A. There are no Hershey's or gobstoppers and have never heard of them. Now we are moving to the second group.
Our interviewers explained our school day is divided into 8 period days and we have block days. We asked them about there schedule. They said that they also had 8 classes.
Before this Skype we were making grilled cheese sandwiches as a snack. We are now explaining to them how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, which they had never heard of. One of the participants explained the process step-by-step. We then moved on to a new group.
This group liked pineapple cookies, and basketball. They know what the NBA is and we explained to them who the Dallas Mavericks are and that we skyped with Mark Cuban, their owner, this morning.
We learned that their school days are 8 hours long, like ours. It was 2:37PM on Friday when were skyping them. We learned that the logo on their shirt was their school logo.
This was the fourth group. They asked us if we had a school uniform like them, and we explained that we did not have one, but right now we were all wearing the same shirt for our world tour.
We learned that they have potato chips like us.
They asked us what the most popular club in our school was. We told them choir! They also asked if we had basketball and we explained our athletics. We also told them that each class has 20-30 people, and our whole school had 1,000 people. They were surprised by that!
This was the fifth and final group. We learned that the students study after school and that it is very boring. They suggested that we visit their Chinese museum. One of the girls showed us a candy that is made of milk and sweet, in a raisin-shaped box.
We learned a lot about Taiwan's snacks and candy, and met a lot of new people!
-Jade, Makayla, Madison

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